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What two years in the India, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and one year in the classroom has taught me

Lack of universal minimum maternal health interventions package has lead to the failure of MDG 5

The continuum of care paradigm for maternal newborn and child health is not a new concept, with World Bank making reference to the concept in 1993 (Kerber et al 2007). Learning lessons from the MDGs has seen resurgence in advocacy by researchers to put greater emphasis on planning through this paradigm. Calling for a shift away from vertical programmes which consider maternal and child health as separate issues and a realignment of objectives which integrate the lifecycle of the mother with birth and child survival. A joined up approach would continue to strengthen gains perhaps in area not yet imagined.

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With almost three quarters of the population living in Flood Prone areas, how can Bangladesh implement effective Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies?

Notwithstanding, the potential to adopt WaSH infrastructure and to prepare adequately for quick onset emergencies is not an impossible task for Bangladesh. The country which innovated Community Lead Total Sanitation and showcases longevity in community led cyclone early warning systems network of 42,000 volunteers are powerful examples of what civil society can achieve when given adequate support.

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The challenge of retaining and motivating healthcare workers in Tanzania

The health resource crisis is a global issue represented by a shortage of 2.4 million key clinical professionals; doctors, nurses and midwives. In 2006, 57 countries experienced critical shortages, leaving … Continue reading

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Improved Access to Water and Sanitation – fundamental to healthy lives

Attempts have been made to understand the global burden of disease associated with poor water and sanitation access. Pruss et al. estimate the β€œthe disease burden from water, sanitation and … Continue reading

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Do maternal health voucher schemes help achieve MDG 5?

Maternal health has been high on the international agenda, as represented in MGD 5. Key priorities are to reduce maternal mortality rates by three quarters and Achieve universal access to … Continue reading

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